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Preț: 65 00 Lei

Livrarea se face prin Fan Courier.
Tarif de 19 lei / colet.
Livrare gratuită pentru biciclete cu preț de la 2.000 lei.
Condiții valabile pentru localitățile din rețeaua Fan Courier.


Plata se face în sistem ramburs.

The LAVIN URBAN is extremely fast and safe, exactly what 26” tires for city use should be like. You overtake cars with ease and this tire brings you safe to your destination.
Part Size Weight Bead Casing Compound Durometer ETRTO
A1109450 26X1.25 360g 60TPI Wire NB1 SR 65a 32-559
A1109455 26X1.25 290g 60TPI Kevlar NB1 DCR 65a 32-559
onza_tech_casing_18_NB1.gif, 313B
onza_tech_rubber_18_SR.gif, 228B
onza_tech_rubber_18_DCR.gif, 323B
Weights may vary in the range of +/- 8% due to the application of natural resources.

A clearly structured, svelte line of goods and products with a distinctive character: These were two goals that the heads behind Onza Tires® had set when they started their new tire brand. Thanks to the experience they had made in years of working in the bicycle business, they managed to come up with the suiting tire and inner tube for all purposes, be it for a road bike or a downhill bike, a BMX or a commuter bike. Apart from a high degree of functionality, quality is another must for all the products of Onza Tires®. After all, cheap throwaway products are as bad a match to a sport that is being performed outdoors as they are to our ideas of sustainability and the respect we owe to Mother nature. From the packaging to every single tire, the products of Onza Tires® set themselves apart from the mass by their distinctive looks, lots of style and a healthy bit of Swissness: That’s why all tires are named after villages, valleys or wild animals that can be found in Switzerland. And when it comes to developing new tires, Onza Tires® works together with a selection of Swiss riders such as René Wildhaber (FR/DH), Roger Rinderknecht (4X/BMX) or Myriam Saugy (Marathon, XC). That’s how we keep the passion alive – ours and that of our customers.

Website-ul producătorului: http://www.onzatires.com/1-1-Home.html

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